Monday, August 20, 2007

Caldera Pilsner and Journeys in Multnomah Village

This weekend my lady and I were a-prowl in the Village, and, scared away by the acrid clouds of yellowtooth smoke at the otherwise charming Ship, we found our way over to Journeys, a newish watering hole right on Capitol Highway. Journeys is located in a converted house, and is filled with what the Germans call "gemutlichkeit," or coziness. It's a lovely place, with nice outdoor seating and great ambience inside, and, happily, is a smoke-free environment in which to enjoy their excellent beer and wine list.

When I walked in, my eyes immediately focused on one thing: a tap handle, gleaming golden in the soft yellow light, labeled CALDERA PILSNER.

The beer was perfect, snappy, crystalline, and light, with a soft curtain of hops on the finish. Impeccably true to style, this is the finest American pils I have ever tasted, edging out the excellent Prima Pils from Victory (and, as a Pennsylvania Dutch boy, that's traitorous talk!). Almost unbelievably crisp and refreshing, this beer demanded a revisitation. Needless to say, I aquiesced to her gentle demands.

It's a good thing I live four blocks away from the place...

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